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Peter Barrett

Peter is known as a wildlife artist and illustrator.  He's illustrated over 40 books on wildlife as well as children's books.  His wildlife paintings have been exhibited in London, Devon, Greece and USA.  He's a versatile artist, able to work in a variety of media.  He undertakes private commissions and his work is available to purchase from his studio.

Susan Barrett

Susan's novels have been published in UK, Germany, and USA in hardback, paperback and on Kindle.  She and Peter have collaborated on children's books as well as travel/natural history.  Their favourite collaboration was Travels with a Wildlife Artist, the Living Landscape of Greece, Columbus Books, 1986.


Peter undertakes commissions for oil paintings or watercolours of natural subjects: for instance, specific birds or mammals in their habitat; favourite land- or seascapes; wildlife scenes in different parts of the world.  

If you have something in mind for a special occasion, contact Peter for a discussion.    

ART for sale

Studio sales

It is possible to arrange a visit to Peter's studio to see pictures that are for sale.  Telephone in advance to arrange a day and time. 


Private Practice in Humanistic Counselling

Susan is a counsellor and psychotherapist seeing clients in her private practice at home.  Her interest is in human nature as manifested in each of us as unique individuals.  We can continue to learn and develop all our lives.  Through therapy, greater self-awareness brings change.

Writer's mentor

Susan, being an experienced novelist and with her counselling background, is able to support writers in any project whether it deals in fact or fiction. 


Oils, pastels, watercolours, etchings, illustrations, children's books, travel and wildlife, novels, mentoring, counselling

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